Why men are attracted to BBW?

From the beginning of time, society has been telling people that skinny defined sexy. Overweight women were shamed and made to feel like they were unattractive. This fixation with skinniness was blamed for so many teens and females practically starving themselves in order to conform. Some became anorexic or developed eating disorders. Slowly though, a movement began and skinny went out the window. At least in the sense that it wasn’t the only body type to be regarded as hot and sexy.

Today, people are embracing chubby women and individuals all over the world find themselves lusting for them. You can watch TV ads featuring voluptuous and big females. There are also Television and cable series, movies and tons of pornographic material related to big women. In fact, the latter is said to be one of the reasons behind the big women obsession movement. To prove this point, one only has to look at the BBW genre. This category originated in the porn world and it’s an abbreviation for ‘Big Beautiful Women.’ Millions of people spend hours each day checking out BBW porn videos. The genre has managed to become one of the hottest and most popular in adult sites.Yet with all of this going on, people want to know exactly what happened. Why are so many men and women attracted to BBW or heavyset girls? The answer to those questions may vary, depending on whom you ask. The one thing that is clear is that loving BBW is a form of fetish. Some individuals love small girls while others like them tall. A few are obsessed with skinny chicks and then there are those who love overweight females. Society tends to define what is sexy and hot in many ways. It appears that as times have changed, so has the perception of what others consider to be sexy.

Thanks to smartphones and other recording devices, people began making their own private homemade sex videos. A lot of these included men having sex with women who were overweight. As more people began to positively comment, share and view these BBW porn tapes, others jumped in. Before long a wave was created and minds began to change. Now you have BBW dating sites which have millions of members. Additionally, some pornstars are big women or larger than normal. Clearly the day of slim females being considered the only ones sexy or hot are long gone. The BBW category and many other things prove this. While this may be new for some, for others is not. Their only question for men and women who are now attracted to BBW is ‘What took you all so long?”