3 Tips for Dating When You Are Overweight

We overweight people are human beings just like everyone else with the same needs, wants, and demands. Far too often, we’ve been relegated to wallflowers at school dances – maybe even the prom – for those of you that did go. For many overweight women and some men, this wasn’t possible because we didn’t have a date and didn’t want to go alone.

The past is the past. We are adults now, yet…the dating scene is as nightmarish as ever. It’s the same issue all over again. Maybe you’ve even tried to lose weight to increase your chances of meeting Mr. or Ms. Right (in more rare cases). But that needs to stop – now. If anything, dating when hungry will have even direr consequences. Here, then, our top 3 tips!


This is the first and most crucial thing. It’s painful to feel self-conscious on a date. What’s worse, your date will pick up on it and start feeling uncomfortable himself. Not because he actually is, but because you’re projecting your discomfort on him. And vice versa, of course. Stop worrying and just be yourself. Nobody cares that you’re overweight, just you. If they’re looking at you, it’s probably because they’re jealous that you’re with some hunk who wouldn’t give their skinny a**** the time of day!

Order a full-course meal

Don’t be shy – go ahead and do it! Be yourself and eat however much you want. There’s nothing more depressing than girls picking at their salads on dates. The only way a guy will be happy to go out with someone like that is if he’s a cheapskate and will only be paying for your salad and glass of water. The best is to eat whatever you want on the menu and pay for your share of the bill.

Smile more, think less

A dead fish personality is the only real turnoff to a potential partner. If you’re feeling shy and not sure what to say, that’s the impression you’ll leave. It won’t do your beautiful soul justice. We understand social anxiety is hard to overcome and being overweight doesn’t help, but if you feel awkward, at least don’t show it and keep smiling. It would help to look up common small talk topics in advance so you have an idea what to say. Alternatively, you could go see a movie or do something on your first date that doesn’t involve primarily talking.

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