A guide on how to hide your weight on dating pictures

Almost every dating site requires a pic nowadays. On those that don’t, profiles without one come across as suspicious. Granted, a picture is no guarantee the person’s character will be quite what you hoped for or expected, but people generally feel it is necessary, not least so you can recognize the person you’re going to be on a date with. Without further ado, here is our guide.

Passport Size

In other words, face only. This will generally conceal your body effectively unless you have a double chin or big rosy cheeks associated with fatness. If you are concerned about this, crop the photo to just below the chin or send a photo of your profile. Pics from the side elongate the face. For women, post pics with your hair down, covering the cheeks. There are also certain hairstyles that are more flattering to fuller faces.

How to Take the Picture

What if you’re chatting to the most amazing person and they suddenly ask for a full-length picture? It would seem odd if you refused. You can say you don’t have any, but that will give you only a few days or so to come up with a more valid reason. Ultimately, you’ll have to deliver.

This is an unpleasant situation to be in when you take into account the camera adds ten pounds, so you’ll look even bigger than you are. Your best bet now would be to send a picture of you standing at least 15 feet away from the camera, preferably wearing a long dress or long-sleeved shirt and pants in a single dark color. You could choose a group picture, where you aren’t the biggest person. You could also take a photo of yourself in a park or the mountains because attention will be drawn to or at least moderated by the beautiful natural surroundings. Alternatively, a busy urban setting will also work, or Photoshop.

And now, the best advice…

Go ahead and put a full-length photo on your profile so people will know what they’re getting. That way you’ll weed out all those idiots, to whom appearance is everything.




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