How being overweight can impact your dating life

Being overweight can impact one’s dating life in a number of ways, which can be objective or subjective in nature. We’ve all heard at least one overweight person complain that’s the reason they’re single. Those of us who are or have been overweight may have thought it. At any rate, it’s never a good idea to learn the hard way that your physique isn’t the reason you’re alone. This has happened to people – making the effort to shed the extra pounds only to find you’re still struggling on the dating scene, if not more, because your expectations have increased.

The impact tends to be more emotional in nature. Many women and some men who are overweight struggle with their self-esteem, which reflects on all facets of their lives, but particularly on their interactions with the opposite sex (those looking for a partner of the same sex do not struggle with the issue of physique as much). When you have low self-esteem, this can be expressed in a self-deprecating sense of humor, the tendency to put yourself down, and to give priority to your partner’s needs over your own. This last one would surely make you more successful? It turns out to be quite the opposite. Some people will take advantage and dump you after one or few dates. Others will feel uncomfortable with you always putting out and pull away from the relationship. Either way, you won’t be able to boast a good dating life.

Objective Facts

It’s one thing to be overweight and quite another to be morbidly obese. You are in the second category if your BMI is over 40. In this case, your dating life should be the last of your worries. Opportunities to meet others tend to be quite limited, at the very least to spacious areas with metal seats and benches. It’s double trouble if you meet someone of the same caliber. Above a certain weight, sex can be a challenge as well.

Granted, this is going to extremes. When people say “overweight”, they don’t have clinical cases in mind. Many of us could stand to lose 10 or 15 pounds, but if you decide to do so, make sure there is a rational reason for it and not an emotional one. In other words, your dating life will continue to suffer as long as you perceive yourself as somehow “inadequate” because of your weight or for any other reason.


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